Russ Dunne

Russ Dunne has dedicated over fifteen years of his life to serving the church. His remarkable journey began as a young worship leader and has since evolved into his role as a devoted pastor. But it all began with an unexpected twist.

At the age of 18, Russ made a pivotal choice to join the National Guard, setting his sights on becoming an intelligence analyst. However, just before he embarked on this path, a divine call to ministry intervened.

Russ's journey took an extraordinary turn during his senior year of high school. While pursuing a CNA certification, he found himself in a nursing home for clinicals. It was here that he experienced a life-changing encounter that would shape the rest of his life.

During those clinicals, the nurses asked Russ to offer encouragement to one of the residents, a woman who had lost all hope. She spoke of the unbearable pain, the loss of mobility, and her desire to give up on life. Russ, in that profound moment, turned to prayer for guidance. He heard a calling from The Holy Spirit, urging him to pray and witness the miraculous.

With unwavering faith, he approached the resident and asked if he could pray for her. In a voice filled with apathy, she agreed, saying, "That would be lovely." What followed was a transformative moment. Russ shared two powerful messages with her: that it was through God's strength that they could overcome, and if breath still filled her lungs, she had a purpose to fulfill that day.

Moved by this encounter, she clutched Russ by the collar and asked him about his future plans. He confessed his intention to join the military but mentioned a long-forgotten suggestion that he should become a pastor. Her response was unequivocal: "You have to do it."

Russ left that room with a promise to God—he would only become a pastor if he returned to find the woman walking again because this was not his personal desire. Remarkably, when he revisited the nursing home for clinicals just three days later, there she was, walking unassisted. It was a miracle that solidified his path.

Russ, along with his dedicated wife, has been instrumental in launching three thriving churches. They've initiated youth ministries, organized impactful conferences to equip and empower the next generation, and produced awe-inspiring music that glorifies God. Today, they continue their mission, spreading the gospel to all corners of the world.

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